Mini Laptop for a fashionista!

1 05 2010

HP Mini 1104NR by Vivienne Tam

Sometime back we saw the strikingly red hot HP Mini 1104NR designed by Vivienne Tam. Seeing the success of a laptop designed for fashion-forward people, Vivienne Tam and HP has collaborated once again to give us the….

..tada! HP Mini 210!

When I first saw pics of this, I went “I GOTTA GET THIS FOR MY MUM!”. Never mind the specs. The design itself is definitely a fashion statement and eye catcher when roaming down the street or sitting in a cafe. It is perfect for those who want something really light, basic but yet fashionable at the same time. I know, a Macbook grabs attention too but not the same kind of attention this designer product will be getting especially for fashion-forward girls (and no girl in high heels and a pretty handbag would want to lug a heavy Macbook around with all that shopping!!).

When Amelia from Waggener Edstrom approached me with the opportunity to participate in the blogger’s competition, I just had to take up the opportunity right away. With Mother’s Day around the corner, this laptop will definitely be the perfect addition to her wardrobe of digital gadgets, except the difference will be this is one digital gadget that is designed to look fashionable as opposed to geeky. 🙂

In this competition, we were asked to create a fashion spread showing how we would match the stunning HP Mini 210 with our wardrobe. I spent a few nights thinking what wardrobe would look best with it… I thought Western, English Vintage, high fashion bla bla bla.. and even things like Korean and Japanese fashion! However, these are so common and has probably been matched with at the Vivienne Tam fashion show in New York. I was looking for something different that would be elegant and yet not grab the attention away from the digital clutch.

Finally, I decided to go with a traditional cultural approach.. one that merges old cultural traditions with modern technology. Why do I think this is sexy? Traditional dresses like the Kimono and Cheongsam are very elegant. When you wear them, people think classy. The identities represented by them are very clear, communicating not only design but also culture and values with them. When you wear traditional clothes to dinners, matched with a modern evening handbag/clutch, people don’t think “backward” or “outdated”. They see it as fashionable, bringing attention to first the person donning the costume, and then to the object in her hands.

Now, what if we replaced the handbag with a digital clutch like the HP Mini 210 Vivienne Tam. The equation changes to one being someone different, fashion-forward and in the know of not only fashion but technology as well, without the geeky/nerdy label to it. The digital clutch will arouse curiosity, garnering not only attention but also forming new social connections making it a device convenient for the socialites. What more, these traditional costumes usually play host to simple motifs of nature like flowers and butterflies, making it the perfect complement to the elegance and grace of the butterfly design on the HP Mini 210 Vivienne Tam.

And finally, here’s my entry.. something little I put together to show my concept.. the fashion spread showing how the different cheongsam and kimono designs, in combination with the HP Mini 210 Vivienne Tam, will accentuate the elegance and grace of the fashion-forward fashionista. 🙂

Designed in A4 size so you can print it out for easier reading

So you have it! My take on what would grab the right attention when paired with the HP Mini 210 Vivienne Tam. What about you? What would you pair the device it? How different would you have done it? 😀