Wildlife.. interesting behaviour

11 11 2008

Everytime I watch lions attack a deer on TV, I get super angry because first of all the deer wasn’t alone.. it was with a group of other deers and when one of them is attacked by the lion, the other deers run away. After they have ran a distance and the baby deer is in the lion’s grasp, they just STARE and WATCH instead of helping. One lion and a group of deers? Come on! It is not impossible for them to save their comrade. They can’t be that selfish right?

And then came this infamous video on YouTube!

According to the voices in the video, this is the first time the buffaloes are pulling together to fight against the lions in the park. Maybe, like humans, one buffalo thought about things more than the rest leading to their new found collective behaviour. The next curiosity I had following from this is now that it is harder to eat buffaloes in the park, will the lions adopt a different attack strategy? It’d be interesting if the few lions manage to come up with a strategy that can beat the huge group of buffalos. Coz then we would have the Sun Tzu of the wild!




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