Spice up your Gmail!

18 09 2008

Bored of the usual white and light blue layout of Gmail? The one that is starting to look a bit too simple and plain? The guys at Global Designs Inc share our hunger for something spicier and came up with a Gmail Redesigned, a simple Firefox CSS Plug-In that, well makes your Gmail a LOT spicier!

Check out my “Redesigned” Gmail:

The “Loading” Page

Super sleek inbox!

The amazing things CSS can do! Enjoy showing off your new Gmail to your friends before this plug-in gets too popular! ^_~




8 responses

18 09 2008

Very good tips! Thanks! 🙂

19 09 2008

Your welcome!

19 09 2008
Give Your GMail Interface A New Look | Web Tricks

[…] globexdesigns via bitbot […]

19 09 2008

you were too late on this post man….I wrote it on my blog a long time back and it is one of my top posts now………check out my blog http://techstyro.blogspot.com

19 09 2008
19 09 2008

@himanshu: Cool that you knew about it sometime back. Unfortunately like most of my blog readers, I only came to know about it a few days back from a friend which is why I decided to share it with everyone here! ^_^

25 09 2008

by the looks of it, it seems quite impressive! Thanks mate

28 09 2008

I’m glad you shared this! I wasn’t aware of it either, and it’s certainly better than the original look!

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