Code Xtreme Apps 2008!

20 07 2008

Code Xtreme Apps 2008

Update: RESULTS!!
31 July 2008
Still haven’t found the time to blog but I’ll just write this here. THe results are out!! And no, we did not get top 3 but…. we got the Merit Award! I’m really excited coz this is my first “coding” competition and getting shortlisted for the finals was already a great enough surprise for me but to win an award as well? Yay! ^___^ Thanks everyone for your support and believe in this person who used to hate coding. 😀 Promise to blog about my experience within the next few days ya!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been blogging for a loong while… been busy with both my internship and various activities including having just spent 24 hours of my weekend at Code Xtreme Apps 2008, a 24 hour coding competition. Still don’t really have time to blog but I just got some very exciting news I should share with you guys!!

My team got shortlisted for the Code Xtreme Apps finals!!!

Will promise to blog about my experience once I have more time. In the meantime, gotta go prepare for the final presentation! Wish me luck guys!! ^___^




6 responses

27 07 2008

Congrats! Any idea if the results are out already. Its been 4 days!

By the way this is Shunjie from Singapore Flex Usergroup 😉

Good Luck!

27 07 2008

@Shunjie: Thanks! No idea when the results will be out. I did ask one of the organizers and she said that it’ll be out within a few days. Just hoping for the best right now! ^___^

28 07 2008

Hi there,

I were also in one of the team shortlisted 🙂 I wish you luck.
I think I remember your face. You are pretty girl


29 07 2008

bitbot bit bot bit bit bot 00101010101

1 08 2008

haha how can you NOT like coding!?!

anyway it just rawks to get into finals already.

So how does Air compare to every other tech?

10 09 2008

@ykl: It really depends on what you’re using it for. Their flex library definitely has a lot of cool visual effects you can put in but it is all just on the cosmetic front. At the end of the day the backend is still the same like everything else.. PHP, mySQL, Ruby on Rails, etc. You can think of Air as a front-end kind of thing to make the back stuff look prettier haha.

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