Lets win a HP TouchSmart PC! :D

6 07 2008

Yup! The title says it all! HP is having a competition for the bloggers who were invited to the HP TouchSmart Blogger’s Event last month. The unique twist of this competition is that 2 HP TouchSmart IQ500 PLUS PCs worth $1999 each are up for grabs, one for the blogger and one for the READER πŸ˜€.

Here’s how the competition goes:

What will your life be like
with a HP TouchSmart?

All you have to do is leave a comment answering the above question as creative and innovative-ly as you can. HP will read through the comments of participating blogs and the reader who left the most interesting comment and the blog it is hosted on will be the winners. In other words, if YOU left a comment here and YOUR comment was selected as a winner, both you and I will win HP TouchSmart PCs! πŸ˜€

Deadline: 12 July 2008 (00:00:00)

Time is running out so do comment before 12 July 2008 if you wish to participate. I understand that it is hard to imagine how life would be like with a HP TouchSmart PC as even I myself don’t own one. Hence I’ve put together some videos and articles that is sort of like my “Dummy’s Guide to the HP TouchSmart PC” to help you understand the coolest things about it in the shortest amount of time.

Witness the power of “TOUCHING”:


Demo showing some cool features:


Found this cool ad introducing the HP TouchSmart. Doesn’t say much about the PC but putting it here for fun! πŸ™‚

Alright! So that’s about it for my “Dummy’s Guide”. Hope it helps and happy coming up with creative and wild comments! ^_~

Before I sign off, some basic rules & regulations:
* Only Singaporean based bloggers and readers are entitled to participate in the competition
* Collection of prizes by bloggers only (Bloggers to receive prize on behalf of readers).
* Bloggers need to ensure that all the comments are time-stamped. For different/duplicate ideas on different blogs, the earliest one will be selected.

So yea, don’t forget to leave your e-mail address when you comment so I can contact you if your comment won ^__^




18 responses

7 07 2008

my life would be very touchy πŸ˜€

7 07 2008

My life would be easier, and cooler! I would love to use it to DJ! A functional touch screen would make life much easier than using the standard mouse and keyboard. It would actually be more convenient. The response time is quicker, that is the key factor. I can go straight to the screen, which is a little faster than keyboard shortcuts and a lot faster than reaching for the mouse.

I can make cooler mixes! I have a MIDI controller, but sometimes I am limited by mouse-activity etc. So yep, I would love to add this to my arsenal of cool tools! πŸ˜‰ Which DJ doesn’t want to come up with better mixes right?

7 07 2008

my life would be different with another sense utilised, the sense of touch.

7 07 2008
Michael DeMoss

I wanna be a HP TouchSmart five finger toucher.

7 07 2008
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7 07 2008

call me crazy but i’d love to give one of these to my grandparents. they have a hard time with navigating the programs on their ancient XP machine. My Grandmother is pretty tech savy but has bad vision so she sets her icons at maximum font size giving her about as little desktop space to work with as possible. she’s taken up a family tree/history project with pictures and such, that seems to have focused her attention for the past couple years. I’d love to see her get it all online. My grandfather is a music guy. they currently don’t use the computer for any music, but with such a beautiful and easy to use interface i think it might promote some interaction from him. i’d like to see a tool like this give some excitement to the both of them.

7 07 2008

well it’s gonna be a hard competition

7 07 2008

make some touchscreen based games πŸ™‚

9 07 2008
Kwek Xiang You

With a HP TouchSmart PC…

Heck, i can even use my toes to do the “legwork” on the PC! My hands? I probably could start boxing up my mouse.

11 07 2008

With the HP Touch Smart PC… mankind will realize why god gave them hands and fingers…I always thought why I humans have so many fingers… now I realize.. they are there for this amazing machine..
apart from all that, this will be music for the “eyes” . Yes I said it right, music for the eyes.. every moment of the hand will bring a new image to life which would be peaceful for the heart and the soul..

HP Touch smart is the machine I always wanted to do a deep search for the peace every soul possesses.

They say ” Books are your best friends” but for me this will be my best friend. Apart from being there with me all the time, the HP touch smart gives me the sense of touch and brings me more closer to my friend.

And for a very personal use, my favorite application on the net are the various sites where I can go slap, pinch, box or kick somebody for past time or just to remove the anger… For the first time, I will feel a different pleasure in slapping the person as now to do it I will be using my own hands rather than a mouse!! I have just dying to use it when I can go on slapping somebody with my own hands and he keeps getting ready to get another one!! This is a new revolution. If I can remove my anger and frustration this way, I will not get angry with any of my friends and will be more happy. If the whole world starts using the HP Touch Smart, then no one will ever get angry and the world would change, will be an amazin place to live in then……. HP Touch Smart is the messanger of peace for the world!

In the end, I hope all this philosophy helps Su Yen win the prize!

11 07 2008

In one line, it’s the next best thing to having an iphone, only that this sounds like much more fun!

11 07 2008
Alvin Lai

Man! If I won a HP TouchSmart PC, I’d write a touched based mindmapping application and increase productivity!

12 07 2008

Sob sob I got so busy I’m too late… I’ll just put in a dummy entry then.

“With the HP Touchsmart, I can touch myself all night!”

15 07 2008

my pc`s is hp wich i woldent change it for nothing . but i HP Touch smart is the machine I always wanted .

16 07 2008

anyway, any hints on multitouch support, and release pricing?

25 09 2008
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28 03 2010

just what it is now no changes
maybe better and maybe worse
nobody knows what could happend

17 07 2013
Maud Mesick

Hi there Stephen Elliot. I just got a letter dated 1/19/12 from Lorelie Lee in an envelope from you. I have no idea whatsoever how I got on your list. But I’ll write Lorelie back (a real letter, even), because it was pretty fucking brave of her to write that.

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