Bitbot Happy Bits Week 1

2 07 2008

Hey guys! I will be starting a series that will be posted every Wednesday of the week. Why Wednesday you may ask? That’s because it is the middle of the week and is probably when everyone is most stressed out and busy with work. Just thought it would be good to share the fun stuff I view to take my mind off serious things and hopefully put a smile on my reader’s faces ^__^.

Here’s the very first of the series which is a clip from The Daily Show by Jon Stewart where he makes fun of a REAL news report about a serial killer by Fox News that went very wrong. Enjoy!


Bet all the guys would love to work as a cameraman for Fox News 😛




4 responses

2 07 2008

Dailyshow and Colbert Report are free to watch on internet, yay!

2 07 2008

@Jian: Thanks for bringing it up! I never knew even people outside the US could watch full episodes of The Daily Show.

For those interested, The Daily Show.

I can’t find the older episodes though!! There was one episode where Jon Stewart went around in his low-budget Dream Van to sort of “help” Oprah out with fulfilling people’s dreams.

2 07 2008

lol linked ya

3 07 2008

@ykl: Thanks! Glad that you enjoyed it 😀

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