Su Yuen in the papers!

20 06 2008

In February, Sharon Foong, a journalist from The Sun newspaper in Malaysia contacted me for an interview on an article about female gamers she was working on. After about 3 months the article was published and I’ve finally managed to get hold of an online copy of it! I’ve uploaded it online so if you’re interested in reading about what female gamers think about games and fellow “guy-gamers”, you can read it here. There are a few quotes from me in there. šŸ˜€

One of the more interesting questions asked was whether there was a bias among developers to develop games oriented for guys with all these sexy warriors, violent weapons and mass explosions. I wouldn’t say that there is a bias because these games appeal to some girls (yours truly) as well and if they were a girly game, I wouldn’t be playing them coz then they would be uncool. On the other hand, there is a growing number of developers (but maybe less well known) who are developing casual games that are more suited for girls like those on Facebook(Fluff Pets), BeJewelled and Maple Story. However, we can’t deny the fact that most hardcore gamers are guys and it only makes sense to develop games of these type oriented towards the male gender.

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On a side note, I’m still stuck on deciding whether to get a Sony PS3 or Xbox 360 with my limited income. As some of you know, I’m a RPG junkie and both of these consoles seem to lack RPGs what more decently engaging ones. šŸ˜¦ I miss RPGs like Final Fantasy 7, Xenogears, Skies of Arcadia and Grandia 2. I know there are great games of other genre(which I love too) on the Xbox 360 but I’m still holding on to that small glimmer of hope that some developer will develop a great RPG to help me make up my mind. I’m biased towards RPGs coz they have the ability to bring one into a “fantasy-dreamy-like state of awe” for a long period of time even after the game is finished. If you know of any RPG of this sort out there on either of these 2 consoles, do let me know ya! šŸ˜€




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20 06 2008

Well, PS3 is known for the RPG series with Metal Gear Solid 4 and Final Fantasy 13 coming out soon, all exclusive to the PS3.

But you make your own decision lah, XBOX has some great FPS shooters and Mass Effect -)

Also, don’t forget that PS3 & XBOX have Rockband.. hahaha

20 06 2008

Congrats on getting on the papers :p

20 06 2008


Get a PS3 lah. X360 is only good for shooting/blowing stuff up. Y’know, American market, doesn’t get much penetration into Japan.

Or you could get a DS/PSP, plenty of old-school SNES to PS1 kind of (J)RPGs there, plus it’s portable.

20 06 2008

@brian: Actually that’s what’s leaving me kind of undecided right now because I’m not sure whether the upcoming RPGs for the PS3 will be good and there aren’t that many great games currently on the PS3 (non-RPGs) when compared to the Xbox 360. Argh I’m such a fickle-minded person.

@arzhou: Thanks!

@Jian: Heard there are some potentially good RPGs coming up on X360 too (which is why I’m still waiting).

20 06 2008

Did you know that a significant market for the Wii is working Women? especially in Japan, hence the focus on game play instead of powerful graphics. But there is always a debate on the Wii not being a hardcore gaming machine, however I believe that it has opened up a great opportunity for gaming industry to taken on…Girls, Elder and really younger groups.

21 06 2008

Try “Okami”.
PS3 for “Final Fantasy”(Always a favorite).
Xbox for “Fable” by Peter Molyneux(action/consequence of action).
But since you have a PC why not the orange box Portal(Design by a girl but like by Guy too) is quite nice?
PS2 FF-X2 YRP all female cast RPG old game but still quite enjoyable if you overlook the introduction part and the bad voice acting.
I think there is also a Lone wolf title is/will be release by a local company.But somehow that game escaped my radar(ahem window shopping).

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