Super intelligent whiteboard

15 01 2008

Hey guys! Sorry for not writing for so long. I’ve been traveling quite frequently during the holidays and couldn’t find the time to write until now. Where did I go? Well that’s a story I shall keep for my other blog (if I ever get down to writing about my travels). In the meantime! Here’s a heads up from Jiin Joo about an intelligent whiteboard. I know this news is quite old but I also realized that most of my friends don’t know about it yet (and the fact that it is STILL cool news :P), hence I’m writing about it nevertheless.

The technology used is called ASSIST: A Shrewd Sketch Implementation and Simulation Tool developed by the research team at MIT. It was built with the vision of assisting industrial designers in the early stages of project design. You can simulate any simple situations and diagrams you sketch on the board including your TYPICAL high school truck going down a slope and object on springs, all with gravity and frictional effects included.

The whiteboard is intelligently programmed to understand the common arrows and diagram symbols used to represent various objects, surfaces and force directions in physics. I can imagine how much more fun (and easier) physics in school would be if we had this whiteboard. Instead of wasting time trying to get experiments to work, students would be creatively simulating various situations they can imagine with a pen.

More explanations and a cool demonstration in the video:

Side note: I wonder whether it recognizes stick humans. Would be fun to crash simulate a human being in a free falling lift hehehe!




5 responses

16 01 2008
arzhou (adrian)

Come on! It is fun to do actual experiments! Simulating everything will make things boring

16 01 2008
arzhou (adrian)

Then again as a chemical engineer, i do all kinds of simulations

16 01 2008

Haha well for my school, due to lack of proper apparatus and equipment most of the experiments failed and we had to repeat the “truck accelerating down the slope” experiment many times which got really boring for the students fast.

AND! With simulations you can “experiment” with very impossible situations that are not doable in a school lab, like putting a man in a lift and letting him free fall from 400m to see the impact.

26 03 2008

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