Utopia or Nightmare?

9 12 2007

Most of us have thought about how the grass is always greener on the other side, making comparisons between various aspects of foreign countries and our own; living conditions, career prospects, government administration, education opportunities and etc. Remember the guy who created the controversial movie Farenheit 9/11? A few months ago Michael Moore released his latest movie titled Sicko which compared the health care benefits between US, UK and France.

Norway however, was left out of the original movie as Moore thought it was too scary for movie-goers. Was it really that scary? Watch for yourself.

The first thing that came to my mind was “Wow! *_* How do I get a citizenship there?”. It really is paradise! Getting a tropical island vacation during the Winter to help you cope with your illness, police patrolling alongside cute well-groomed poodles, free cars for the disabled, waste-energy generation, no death sentences and much much more. The peaceful and serene environment makes it seem like the perfect place for a slow, comfortable and laid back life. (Not to mention their HIGH GDP! I’d love to feel rich wherever I travel. How did such a small and pristine country get so rich?).

On second thought, it is too scary a place to live in! Everything looks too peaceful and ideal to be true; almost like the scenes you see only in Disney fairytales and The Stepford Wives. It is the relaxing, carefree lifestyle a lot of us city dwellers have been aspiring to have but for retirement? Maybe only a year. For rest of my life? No. Its too peaceful and boring. I need some occasional chaos to make life a bit more interesting or else this utopia will in the long-run become a nightmare. For holiday? Yes, if I can afford it. It’d be fun to live in a fairytale once in a while.

What about for you? Is Norway a nightmare or utopia?




5 responses

10 12 2007
Chern Jie

ooo, hmm … that’s interesting!

10 12 2007
Yee Hoong

Su Yuen… go back do your programming lah. Dream about it nia.. hard to happen for us kiasu people one lah =p =p

10 12 2007

@Yee Hoong: Aww come on! Its not like Norway’s on MARS. Its on planet Earth and every place and thing on Earth is both reachable and achievable 🙂

12 12 2007

well, it looks like a nice place to visit! (i don’t think i want to live there though, lol.) the music is scary.

15 12 2007

Hahahaha yea, the music added a sort of creepy tone to the whole video

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