Nokia’s new 14 Days campaign = not that interesting

28 11 2007

Nokia 14 days

Got a request to check out the new “Nokia NSeries 14 Days” campaign.

Its this new initiative where Nokia will show viewers some out-of-box things they can do with the Nokia N95, with a new trick introduced every 14 days. Their first trick is already online showing how you can create your own “Fast & Furious” car racing scenes.

Wow, how do you do that with the miserable camera phone?

Those were the words that ran through my head until I watched the demo video. According to the instructions, all you need to do is strap 7 N95s to 7 different locations of your car using ONLY double-sided tape. Sounds relatively simple if you ask me but I wouldn’t even dare try this out with one N95, what more 7.

I have to admit that they really got it going on the creative side, opting to show what the phone is capable of by pushing its boundaries rather than using the age-old hard-selling strategy. However, I didn’t find the video or the campaign particularly interesting. (Sorry guys, I know the host was hawt but not enough to compensate for the downsides). Fellow blogger DK says its mainly due to the fact that the trick is too unrealistic to excite any of us to try it at home. I agree with this but I believe there’s more to our lack of excitement.

This lack of excitement is because of the campaign’s lack of participatory opportunities for the viewers. The most viewers can do is watch the video and comment on it. *yawn* How boring! In this age of web 2.0 and social media, Nokia should be doing something to get viewers more involved. Let me throw a simple random idea from what other companies have done. For example, instead of just giving ideas, they should invite viewers to submit their non-conventional ideas as well. The person who submits the most popular non-conventional idea will get a free N95 and the gadgets needed to try out the idea. Now wouldn’t that be much more engaging? People might even talk about the feat after the campaign.

Nokia, you have the creative juices flowing with the concept behind the campaign but something is still missing from making it truly memorable.




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28 11 2007

Ahem. I suggest doing live streaming with Qik and drive a car over it. 😀

28 11 2007

Haha yea Nokia should give a few Qiksters some N95s and let them LIVE STREAM! That’d be waaay more authentic than any professionally pre-recorded / pre-filmed video coz then the tricks will be more realistic and doable by ordinary people like you and me. 🙂

Umm.. about driving a car over it, I don’t think Nokia said anything about the N95 being sturdy >_> <_<. *Random idea: Lets do a how to trash your N95 apart in 3 seconds!!*

28 11 2007

As much as I’d love to make a video like that, where am I gonna get the moolah to buy 7 N95’s? Moreover, I’d be too worried sick if the gadget falls on the road and then run over by cars!

*shudders at the thought*

28 11 2007


I say it’s still early in the game, let’s give them another chance 🙂
It’s only the 1st episode!


28 11 2007

@Jazzle: Hey there!

Yes, I agree with you we should give them another chance (which is also why I incorporated some suggestions into this post). Hopefully they are collating all our comments to improve on for the rest of the campaign.

Oh btw! Their PR guy told me that they are looking into them already and the 2nd episode that’s coming out soon will have a special appearance from a member of the Ping.SG community. I wonder who…

(SORRY! can’t reveal ^^;;)

6 12 2007

hahah! i know!! Estee!! Their Episode 2 is finally up!!
go see!

7 12 2007

Yes! Episode 2 is SOOOOO much better! I’m glad they’re giving more practical ideas now hahaha. Go Estee!! ^_^

17 12 2007

[…] such as DK and Su Yuen who had seen the first episode think that the tips and tricks for the N95 were too “far […]

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