The Art of Japanese Pen Spinning! (I’m speechless)

1 11 2007

Ever remember those times when you were bored at school, spinning your pen a few rounds between your fingers slowly? And trying to gain bragging rights by competing with your friends to see who could spin the fastest? This video shows what you get after many HOURS/MONTHS/YEARS of boredom. Who could have imagine that pen spinning would become an art!

O_O!!!!!! I’m stunned! I have no idea how these tricks are done with such precision and speed. They must literally be spinning pens in EVERY lecture (on the assumption that all students get bored in lectures haha!).

Side Note: Thanks Arzhou for sharing this video with me!




2 responses

1 11 2007
Yee Hoong

Holy cowwww!!!
Well, I forgot, they’re Japanese: that says everything! =)

1 11 2007

haha I was about to say “Not the Japanese again…” but then decided not to. In the end you said it for me! 😛

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