Are you a right or left brain person?

15 10 2007

CJ sent me a link to a page which tests whether you use the right or left side of your brain more. The test works by having you look at an animation of a rotating dancer, and to see whether you see it turning clockwise or anti-clockwise.

I use the left side of my brain more because I often see the dancer rotating anti-clockwise instead of clockwise. What does being a left brain person mean? Let me copy and paste the descriptions from the site itself.

uses logic
detail oriented
facts rule
words and language
present and past
math and science
can comprehend
order/pattern perception
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies

Looks like I am generally not a risk taker and have the tendency to think in terms of present and past instead of present and future. I find this really weird because in life, I usually have the tendency to pick the option which poses a greater challenge o_O and I’m always thinking about the future, even if its not my personal future, its my family’s, my dog’s, my friends’, etc.

Anyway, which side of the brain do you use more? If you missed the links to the test I posted earlier, here’s the link again.

Hmm, this test brings me to a question: What do people who use both sides equally see?




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15 10 2007
Chern Jie

hehe, the challenge of the game is to switch from clock-wise to anti-clockwise and vice versa. Can you switch it as you wish? :p

fun fun! 😀

15 10 2007

@Chern Jie: Yup! At first I couldn’t switch but after a while I could switch and now, I can switch it anytime I want. I still see it as anti-clockwise first all the time though.

15 10 2007
Chern Jie

Then you’re rated as the super genius class, welcome to the party 😀

15 10 2007

Haha nah! It takes more than just a fun left-right brain test to determine geniuses. It takes innovations, breakthroughs and inventions 🙂

15 10 2007

Eh…….bullshit la. How can you determine which side of you brain u use more just by and optical illusion? the whole purpose of an optical illusion is to trick you brain rite? Anyway the site didn’t give any reasoning to the connection of the picture and actual brain functions. Anyway, the first time i looked at it it was turning clockwise. Then I could somehow change the direction at will by looking at her lower foot and the the body.

16 10 2007

Gosh! I keep seeing clockwise… clockwise… and more clockwise turns… T.T

Am i the freak out here???

That wud make me a right-brainer then. But i thought only lefties are right-brainer? I use my right hand more though…

well… tat might explain y i did better only in the ‘vector in space’ chapter in Calculus.

now… shud i become a graphic designer instead? HAHA!

guys, try this
i think it is more accurate, as it calculates how many percent right n left brain u use. =p

have fun! =)

11 11 2007
Chang Yang

Haha I stumbled upon this left-right brain test as well! I wrote about it here:

Basically from my little bit of knowledge about neuroscience in a short semester, this whole left-vs-right brain thing is entirely unscientific. I am not sure why that news website put up such pseudo-science thingy without any single reference. That’s quite irresponsible of them. :p But it’s still fun to try switching the directions in your mind though. 🙂

1 07 2008

if you look at the dancer long enough it changes rotation itself!

2 07 2008
fun facts of origami

fun facts of origami…

Do you have a newsletter to sign up to?…

27 10 2011

yav he he

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