Thought Drumline was cool? This is BETTER!

29 09 2007

Remember the final battle in the movie Drumline where teams put up a fantastic orchestra of drum beats and rhythms, perform cool stick passing/tossing stunts and beat on each other’s drums with alien speed and precision?

Well, believe it or not, this is the REAL thing and its even better than the movie.

Presenting to you, the Top Secret Drum Corps! (Heard that they’re the world’s best). Enjoy! ^_~

Side note: How in the world do they keep their rhythm sooo synchronized. Seems so surreal *_*

Update: Got a link from Jiin Joo of the Drum Corps International World Championships!




4 responses

29 09 2007

Wow…that’s incredible..

29 09 2007
29 09 2007

mmm – fun 🙂 personal thought since I watch drum corps growing up: good programming – average marching, but perfect sticking. Many groups in DCI can’t attain that kind of virtuosity.

Playing together in sync is a requirement for playing music together dear. 😛

29 09 2007

Haha I know but their rhythm and beats are sooo fast, seems almost impossible for so many people to play collectively produce one sound with so much precision.

Thanks for the link!

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