Mini Car Production facility built with Lego Mindstorm!

30 08 2007

Many years ago when Lego Mindstorm was first released, my dad brought it home as a surprise for my brother and I. We quickly set it up and configured all that was needed to try our hands on what many would call “elementary robotics”. After playing it for a few months, exhausting every possible invention in the book and creating as many mini robots we can think of (which wasn’t many because we weren’t very creative) and not being able to afford the expensive add-on kits, we finally stopped and moved on to cheaper but less productive past times like videogames.

Recently, my brother asked me “Jie! What was the coolest invention we ever built?” (Note: “Jie” is a calling name for elder sister in Cantonese) and my reply was “Umm… something that followed a line drawn?”. From my reply you can see that the “coolest” thing we built was quite uninteresting since I can’t even remember what exactly it was. Then he sent me a video which he says is one of the best innovations using many Lego Mindstorm sets combined.

It was a video of the operations of a FULLY AUTOMATED mini car production facility and yes, its by the Germans again. We really have to give it to them for being so good in engineering.

Here’s the video! Enjoy 🙂

Sidenote: I just visited Lego Mindstorms’ website and wow!! The new NXT series looks uber cool, leaving mine looking obsolete ;_;




4 responses

31 08 2007
Yee Hoong

Su Yuen, like I told you on GTalk, this is cool!
ps: Cool in a nerdy way!!!!
But verrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy coool lah!!!

31 08 2007

Hahaha well you’re right! I can’t deny the fact that it is both NERDY and COOL at the same time.

18 09 2007

this is so cool….a lot of ppl using lego making robots oso….so amazing…

8 03 2011
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