Bumptop: Revolutionizing the Desktop interface

19 08 2007

I found this TED Talk video on Teng Foung’s blog earlier today which left me speechless! Its a demo of Bumptop, an application which revolutionizes your desktop in a way that allows you to interact with it like your REAL office desk.

According to Bumptop’s creator Anand Agrawala, we’ve been putting up with such a crappy, boring desktop interface for the past 30 years of pointing and clicking that its time we had something better. And yes, Bumptop is DEFINITELY better. Very creative, interactive, allowing you to push and pull your objects, stack them on top of each other, paste notes on walls, flip through pages of documents, stack them up like dominoes and much much more. Before I continue to furnish you with more spoilers, here’s the video for your viewing pleasure. (Note: If somehow WordPress fails to embed the video, you can view it here.)

Its surprising how no one thought about this simple concept before. The farthest we ever went with desktops was cool skins. Anand really brings creativity and innovation to a new level of originality. We should stop jumping on the web2.0 wave of social networking and media sharing websites. The last time I checked, there are 4 social networking websites under development by NUS students/graduates. Its as though there’s this neverending affinity in the web2.0 developers sphere for these kind of websites. Seriously, there’s more to web2.0 than just social networking and media sharing. We really need to move on.

Quick update: I wasn’t able to embed the TED Talk video but I found a demo by Bumptop on YouTube! Enjoy! ^_~




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19 08 2007

As a prototype, it looks promising for a new operating systems kernel. However, I agree with some Youtube users that in its current stage, the 3d method might be counterproductive.

What’s the difference between a stack and a directory? If I want to find a file in a “Stack” as compared to a regular windows directory, which would be faster? How will it handle the thousands of files that is usually stored in a quickly expanding storage scene?

In other words, any software no matter the concept must increase productivity. The innovation in web 2.0 was that it shifted the focus of content generation from producers to users, thus a reason to use them. Similarly, the cool factor will wear off soon, and if it doesn’t have anything besides coolness, it’s probably junk.

21 08 2007

Hm I think this makes for a great and remarkable demo… but I think they just take the metaphor too far. The desk full of disordered paper is a relic of the past that shouldn’t be preserved… in my opinion. Plus it just takes up so much screen real estate for what is essentially document-organizing, when that is only like 10% of what a person does on a computer. Just my $0.02

21 08 2007

@Jian: Actually its not an OS and not a web2.0 application either. Its just a software to replace the current Desktop interface.

About the “Stack”, I don’t think any of us (or any PC user for that matter) have stored thousands of files on their desktop. The most we ever got to is overflowing our desktop by a few icons, which we then delete a few to fit everything in.

@chris: I agree, Bumptop really seems like something “cool” to have but not something I will use for a long period of time. Also, when we can’t find files on our desktop we arrange them by name/file type or just use the search function for easy access. It’d be disadvantageous to have to search through the “desktop” like searching our messed up office desk. Not forgetting the fact that we often forget where we place our stuff.

I believe Anand’s contribution is not so much the software but more of the creativity / “Out of the box” thinking he brings. I think people are too focused on web2.0 app development of media sharing and social networking websites, its time we get more creative and work on more innovative ideas that are simple at the same time.

1 11 2007

“I wasn’t able to embed the TED Talk video but I found a demo by Bumptop on YouTube! Enjoy! ^_~”

try my TED Talks for WordPress Plugin. check it out here: http://www.robertanselm.com/2.0/index.php/2007/10/31/ted-talks-for-wordpress-plugin/

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