Will Ping.SG ever grow big? If it does, will it still be as effective?

12 08 2007

I’m sure most of us have heard of the fast-growing Singapore blog aggregrator Ping.SG. Having been in admiration of the hope it has brought for my long-dead personal blog, apart from using it I’ve also been thinking about its future and potential growth.

The last time I checked (which was a few months ago), it had a registered community of 800 and I’m sure it has grown since then. However, does Ping have the potential to grow really big (example: to a membership of 10K)? Will it still be an effective blog aggregrator if it continues to maintain its current front page system when that happens?

I, an avid Ping user for one, know that once my blog post is no longer on the first 2 pages of Ping, I will not get much additional readers(from Ping) unless it ends up in the top10 most popular posts. Usually all the posts that end up there continue to attract many readers to one’s blog for the remaining period of 24 hours.

If Ping grew to a size of about 10K users, posts would be moving off the front page (and even the 2nd page) really quick to the extent that only those with EXTREMELY catchy titles posted during times of high traffic will be successful in garnering numerous visitors and moving into the top10. The rest of the posts would be left out in the cold. In this scenario, would Ping still be an effective blog aggregrator?

In my opinion, if Ping continues to stay with its current front page system, it will end up like a notice board and will slowly lose its popularity. The number of active members will then decrease. However, it will not decrease infinitely until it dies off but until it reaches equilibrium where the number of active users and visitors will be just right to maintain its function as an effective blog aggregrator. In other words, I don’t think Ping can grow really big because of the way it currently functions.

But, these are only my individual thoughts and I am curious to know what the other Ping’sters and non-Ping users think about this. I’ve started a discussion thread on Facebook here because I know blogs are not as conducive as discussion boards for discussions. So do pop over here and let me know what ya think about this. Thanks! ^_~

Note: If you don’t have a facebook account (or am lazy to login), you can comment on this post too 🙂




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12 08 2007

Very interesting and valid point of view 🙂 For me, I havent really thought about how ping would go down the road. According to Uzyn, the community has 1400 registered users so far.

But its quite thought provoking to think about how it will be like when the community grows up to that massive size.

Why not post this discussion in the ping forum instead of the facebook?

12 08 2007

Nice analysis. I am aware of this even before I started coding Ping.sg. I envisioned it to grow to a stage one day where the posts on the frontpage would be so quick that it would barely be seen an hour later.

The current homepage is designed with its current membership rate. New homepage will be designed and launched when it reaches a new height.

I originally designed Ping.sg rather differently to cope for the problem you mentioned, but I thought that it wouldn’t be necessary yet.

Looks like the time for a homepage revamp would be soon.

12 08 2007

Well… Sometimes I’ll browse beyond page 2 in ping.sg. I don’t really go for catchy title nowadays. I go for blogger whom I enjoy reading their blog. (Which explains why I’m here writing this comment. 🙂 )

12 08 2007

Well thought post. Even at this rate, I’m already seeing problems (for myself). I almost all the time will have ping.sg open on my browser when I’m online. And every few minutes I’ll click on it and check for new/interesting posts to read. But once I move away from my machine, and come back few hours later, I’m totally lost. Don’t know where to click from to continue from where I stopped. And end up, the top 10 and page 1 is the furthest I’ll go to click. Maybe also cos I’m lazy lah. haha. So what I do now is to bookmark all the usual blogs that I read on my toolbar. And then click on them every night before I sleep to check for updates. (Why not use RSS feed? hmm… cos I prefer to click on blogs and read them.)

12 08 2007

some of the catchy titles are just to attract people to read their blogs so these people can earn money in a way. isn’t it? maybe i am out of point here 😛 but yeah..i agree with u ..if ever membership is to reach a large no. then it seem to serve little purpose of me pinging and hoping someone would read my entry.

13 08 2007

if there comes a point when aggregation is not effective anymore when the popular posts do not stay at the top for more than an hour, perhaps pings can be further catergorised into different groups. also, like tomorrow.sg, have an archive of the top pings for each category, and finally, include a search engine so it’ll make things easier to find information. that’s what aggregation is about right?

13 08 2007

Right now with 1400 users, I’m already clicking ‘Next’ 30 times to view all the entries posted after Friday evening until today morning.

With 14K users, it would be 310 times … :s

13 08 2007

As Uzyn said, nice analysis. My suggestion: It’s probably time to have separate Top 10 lists for different subjects: E.g. Leisure, Entrepreneurs, Teaching, Learning, Technology, and so on.

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