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1 08 2007

For a very long time I’ve only been receiving unnecessary update e-mails from various online applications like Twitter,, Facebook, etc. Today I got something that caught my eye and deserved my attention; an e-mail with the subject line “Faster uploads with our new YouSendIt application” and promises of an efficient, user-friendly and convenient desktop application of YouSendIt.

To those who are unfamiliar with the online service, allows you to send huge attachments to any e-mail account without having to clog up the recipient’s inboxes. The attachment will be uploaded to an online server after which a download link will be sent to the recipient.

Having been a frequent YouSendIt user, I was excited with the promises made in the e-mail and clicked the “Download now” button without any contemplation. Upon installation, I was prompted with a straightforward sign in screen, followed by the familiar-looking interface which is similar to the web-based version.

The interface

As promised, uploading was much faster and seamless. No more waiting for pages to load up to show the progress. I tried disconnecting my connection half way through the upload process and it continued as soon as I was back online. Definitely a plus point for internet users from countries with less stable internet services like Malaysia.

Uploading status screen

The real plus point that adds to the experience and convenience though is the right-click function where you can simply right click on any file on your PC, click “Send by YouSendIt” and have the file added to the application right away. All you have to do is enter the recipient’s e-mail address and your attachments off on its way! No hassle of opening application, waiting for it to load up, browse for file, clicking the add button and other troublesome steps. The downside for this however is that if you can’t use the right-click function with multiple files. I tried selecting a few files and when I used the right-click function, only the latest selected file appears in the application. I had to manually add the other files in.

Putting the minor downside aside, I’m really loving the new YouSendIt application! No more having to upload files over and over again due to my lousy unstable internet service.

On a side note, I’m waiting for the other cool online services to start churning out some desktop apps! It really adds to the user experience and convenience ^__^




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1 08 2007

hi i agree with you, uploading is much faster and seamless.regards

1 08 2007

We would love to post this article on our website. Is it possible to get a high res pdf file for posting. I copied the page and saved as pdf but it came out fuzzy and I’m worried about the url link not staying live permanently.

thank you!

1 08 2007

We would love to post this article on our site but not sure how long the url was stay live. Could it be possible to get a high res pdf file,I tried doing it by just copy the page and saving as pdf but it came out fuzzy.

thank you,

2 08 2007

Hey Rita! Glad that you like the article. You can definitely post it up on your site, the URL will be there for at least another few years. I’d love to help with the high-res PDF file but I’m not sure what you mean, perhaps you can give me a few pointers / examples? Thanks!

4 08 2007

Su Yuen, I think the few comments above are spams. XD

5 08 2007

Haha I thought so too at first but check this out! Rita is really from and she put my review on their website.

21 09 2008
Rick Lee

I saw this nice file transfer website . You can send large file and set a password. The nice part is free

24 04 2009
Jane Goody

Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is more than I expected when I stumpled upon a link on Furl telling that the info is quite decent. Thanks.

11 05 2009


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