Teacher’s outrageous punishment makes headlines again

23 07 2007

Yay! Insane teachers who love giving outrageous, abusive punishments made headlines again today, this time for asking girls to squat in a fish pond (Umm what? SQUAT in a fish pond? What’s the point in doing that???).

Apparently, Wee Yim Pien, the warden of SMK Bawang Assan, punished the 200 female students for clogging up the school toilets with sanitary pads. Firstly, we all know that its not all 200 students who clogged up the toilets. She just decided to punish everyone because she didn’t know for sure who the culprits were. Talk about a Mrs.Hitler in school.

Her rational for the punishment was that the toilets are sooo clogged up to the extent that school prefects had to use their bare hands to take out the pads. Omg.. she REALLY is a Mrs.Hitler. How can she order school prefects to do that.. eww!! so much for the pride of being an “upper” member of the school community. What happened to the janitor?

Back to the punishment, WHY punish the students by getting them to squat in the pond? O_O??? Even if I were to be Mrs.Hitler, I’d punish the students by asking THEM to clear the cloggings and clean up the toilet. This way the guilty students themselves would stop throwing pads into the toilets. Isn’t that a more effective and rational punishment?

*sigh* Looks like the government needs to add a compulsory “Punishment 1101” class to teacher training courses now.

Disclaimer: I am not saying that all teachers in Malaysia are irrational. Things are much better now compared to when I was still studying in school due to recent changes and the addition of new policies by the government. Even though the number of cases have reduced, there may still be unreported cases around because of lack of enforcement in some regions of the country.

Interesting quote from the article:

She refuted claims made by the school’s Parent-Teacher Association chairman Jimmy Kiu.

He had allegedly said that the pond water was dirty because of the waste from the canteen flowing into it and some of the girls had complained of rashes with a few of them falling sick after last Wednesday’s incident.

My thoughts: …. hopefully this is not true, or else I’d have to say “poor students”.




6 responses

24 07 2007

LOL, which school is the teacher in?

24 07 2007

SMK Bawang Assam, a school in Sibu, Sarawak.

24 07 2007

Ooh quick update which I missed this when I was reading the article: The teacher has a Masters degree.

24 07 2007


25 07 2007

They must be really angry teachers down there…. I wonder if they have a staff lounge? hmmmmm

26 07 2007

Well I’m not sure about that particular school but the 2 schools I studied at in the past had staff lounges but almost equally irrational teachers. I think its the traditional sense and mentality teachers have at school about them being “The Emperor” and students being their soldiers.

Of course there are also great teachers who really care about the students and what they think/understand.

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