Star Wars + Phantom of The Oprea mashup!

23 07 2007

Sorry, just got done organizing a huge event in Malaysia and am too exhausted to cook up a post. So, I’ll leave you guys with a video instead.

yup! The title says it. There is a Star Wars + Phantom Of The Opera mashup on YouTube! Pardon me if I’m outdated but I just came to know about this cool video from my brother (who somehow never fails to find these types of videos on YouTube).

Makes me wonder where they get all their creativity. Do you consider people who make these things left group(creative & original) or right group(talented)? I’d say both but social scientists insist on drawing a clear line of distinction between the two because if you say its a combination then they belong to the middle group (which is where majority of people belong). However, the middle group is also categorized as people who are like the norm aka do not stand out. Bleah! I’ll just forget about all these theories and categorize them as creative, original & talented people (aka left+right but != middle).

Enjoy the video!

Note: For those of you who dunno programming, “!=” means not equal to. Just my lame attempt to practice some “programming” before I go back to geek land.




2 responses

23 07 2007
Chern Jie

If you can’t put a left(-) or right(+) to them, aka direction, you can categorize them in different magnitudes levels. So different people have both left and right but different magnitude. Or maybe in the direction of square root of -1, aka i.

See, it’s not so hard to put humanity into numbers without being inaccurate.

HEE. Bleargh!

24 07 2007

……….Either I’m dumb or I’m not geeky enough to comprehend that. I’d like to believe the latter šŸ˜›

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