Politicians get SEXY and HAWT

20 07 2007

I’m not a political junkie, but I’ve been hearing about the new Obama vs Guilani girl video here, here and here! In the end I succumbed to all the hype and watched the video to see why.

Finally! We have a politician who knows how to use the internet to reach out to the masses properly. People have gotten so tired of politicans putting up their BORING, MUNDANE and over-political speeches on YouTube that they’ve learnt to ignore them. We now have something new, innovative and refreshing.

Firstly, she is DEFINITELY very gorgeous and talented. I actually watched through the entire video in disbelief that this was real! As in, its really part of Obama’s campaign, and a viral one at that. Wow… Now we come to the part on whether it succeeded in garnering Obama more votes.

From my chats with my pals, there is no clear indication that they will vote for him but it definitely got their(especially the guys’) attention on Obama and what he’s up to now to check out the other Obama girl videos out there. Will this be emulated in other countries with more formal closed political cultures around the world? We shall see!

I don’t mind getting more good music and videos.




2 responses

21 07 2007
Du Senyao Peter

“Finally! We have a politician who knows how to use the internet to reach out to the masses properly.”

Properly? We’ll see. The Internet today represents the minority but non-neglectful part in today’s political campaign. The viral power that have through word of mouth and echo chamber is something really powerful.

21 07 2007

Haha well, he definitely made a viral video. Its in the top10 of the viral video chart. Also, many people suddenly know Obama (and the GIRL of course) including some people outside the US coz of the seemingly silly and outrageous move by his party.

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