3D Mailbox: Bringing e-mail to life! Uh….o_O?

19 07 2007

Found this great stuff on Global Nerdy. Every gamer’s dream has come true! The merging of games and e-mail. Wow, sounds waaaay cool, interacting and gaming with your e-mails. A trailer’s included too!

Uhh…. what was that? Was it a promotional porn movie? o_O? I sure saw an awful lot of scantilly dressed babes posing sexily, swimming, sunbathing, supposingly they are MY e-mails? ok.

Oh hey, I think I saw some fat sumo wrestlers in there, with SPAM written on them. Ok quite fun seeing them getting fed to the sharks! YEH!! die spam!!!!

Wait a minute.. what happened to all the HUNKY Baywatch guys?! This software is sooo guy centric. Come on, make some stuff for the girls too. 😦 There are not only guy gamers in this world ya know.




3 responses

20 07 2007
Yee Hoong

Was bedeutet das? Ich verstehe dass nicht. Wirklich verstehe dass nicht. Blöde Werbung >.<

20 07 2007

yea! I don’t get it either. The trailer’s extremely stupid and senseless.

1 04 2009

It is a grandly-silly idea, but make if they turn it into an interesting game it would be worth checking out. Not worth paying for, but worth checking out…

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