Xbox360 vs PS3, was Xbox360 purposely built to be CRACKED?

18 07 2007

As the news splash about Sony Playstation’s CEO, Ken Kutaragi’s resignation and the declining market share of the PlayStation3(and increase of Xbox360’s of course), I can’t help but believe that Xbox360 played their cards too perfectly in Asia. When the Xbox and PS2 were competing, PS2’s sales in Asia were waaaay ahead of the Xbox’s and I believe most of us living in Asia (SEA especially) know why.

Original games are too expensive for Asian teenagers to afford and with a cheaper alternative easily and widely available, there is impulse to get the latter. Consoles with the most widely available pirated games are usually the most saleable ones (of course quality of games and price of console counts too). In the battle between PS2 and Xbox, PS2 won the game.

However, things are the opposite in the Xbox360 vs PS3 battle. I’m not saying that Microsoft is supporting pirated games, but I believe they may have been a bit lenient on the crackability of the Xbox360. It only took the genius engineers a week to crack it and within a month, the console and pirated games were widely available in videogame stores everywhere. After the release of the PS3 which took much longer to “imperfectly” crack (and also thanks to its steep pricing), gamers are starting to consider its competitor. It also doesn’t help that the PS3 was made for High Definition TVs.

I’m serious, try playing the PS3 on your normal analog signal TVs at home and you’ll get a LAGGY, slightly pixelized experience. It only works well on digital signal TVs like LCD HD TVs. This = BIG NO NO for teens with limited expenses. Who would want to spend a bomb on a console and compatible TV just to play some hardcore games?

At the end of the day, you have more Xbox360 consoles and games at stores than PS3s. My friends are all shopping around for the best Xbox360 price, there is no mention of the PS3 apart from its doom. Xbox360 definitely got their formula right in Asia whether they made it easily crackable or not on purpose.

Affordable console + cheap games everywhere + exorbitantly priced competitor = SALES!




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